[s-cars] cars] Momentary cut out under full boost

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 09:45:37 PDT 2007

1) Speed sensor going out or bad connection. (not sure if ECU cuts boost 
under these conditions).
2) ECU going bad.
3) Bad connection to the ECU. Momentary short somewhere causing the ECU to 

There is a fault code for speed sensor "implausible" reading- Once that code is stored the ECU will go into overboost cutout until the fault is cleared. I experienced this on the 3B in my coupe, cleaning the connector contacts at the sensor and ECU seem to have cured it.
But I don't think the speedo reading dropped, though my focus was on the tach when this was happening.  Basically it would wind up to 6500 or 7000 RPM under full boost just fine, but the next acceleration would cutout at about 12psi.  I got really good at cycling the ignition off and back on (clears the fault code) a few times per lap at Sears Point when this first happened!

'95.5 S6//avant
'08 A4 avant 2.0 MT //S-line

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