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Nothing except the trees damn near bending over in the background around the
runway.  My beef was not with trying to approach at first, just continuing
below 200 feet or so when the plane is literally moving sideways in 100ft at
a time increments.

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  Life is all about options.  There's nothing I've found that says the
crosswinds started before his descent.

  Easy to criticize from behind a keyboard.  Thankfully, no one got hurt.


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    OK, I have seen this video like 10 times and I must say that the pilot,
    my opinion, is a dumbass.  I'll wait for Hap to weigh in on this one,
    here's the simple question: If you are 75 feet off the deck and 45
    off-line with the runway, do you...
    A) keep descending and hope the wind suddenly stops blowing and it
    straightens out
    B) try and go around again in similar conditions
    C) find an airport nearby with a runway that is not situated 90 degrees
    the stinkin' wind direction!!!

    In my world of values where my life is pretty high up on the list I
think C
    is better than B is better than A.

    A lot of people have looked at this and said what an amazing job the
    did.  Yes, he did, but that's like saying I was traveling 100 mph down a
    residential street and narrowly missed a kid who darted out in the
    street...boy am I a good driver.  I do not pilot large commercial jets
    this just seems like common sense to me.


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    Sorry NAC.......Something to think about on a Monday.

    Narrow escape

    3 Mar 08: Pilots of a plane carrying hundreds of passengers narrowly
    catastrophe when their Airbus A320 tried to land in a storm.


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