[s-cars] Crap, I gotta sell

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Sun Mar 30 14:43:35 PDT 2008

RE: Crap, I gotta sellWell I test drove the 4Motion, needless to say I put down a deposit. Need to work out the details this week. 

Quick Driving Impression: 
Nice car, driver's seat just as roomy. Not as nice of course, without the bolsters. Heated leather w/ manual adjustments no rear bum warmers. Doesn't quite have the pick-up of my chipped S6 but not a slow ass either. Rear seat has a little less head and leg room. But to be honest 95% of the time my back seat is empty. Mpg on the Hwy is rated 30 mpg so even if I see 25 it would be a 5 mpg improvement over the S6 on my work commute .

Keep eyes out soon for the mandatory: what is my S6 worth?

Harold M
quit looking at my S like that
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  Yes Harold, that's the one I was speaking of.  I couldn't recall the miles or price but remembered the clock being beyond low.  The car looked new, neat combo certainly and as Jim mentions infinitely buildable.  I bet that's rare as all get up.

  Good luck, report back.


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    Paul, funny you mention Wilbraham, they have a 2004 Passat 4Mo, 1.8T, stick with just under 11k miles for under $20k.

    I forgot to say it in my last post but:  Thanks to all  on this list for the words of encouragement.


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