[s-cars] Coil conversion

Varon H. Fugman vfugman at globaldialog.com
Sun May 25 21:17:58 PDT 2008

>>Can anyone out there give information about the positive and/or negative
of the Apikol and 034 coil conversion. 

I installed the 034 conversion kit on my car about 18 months ago.  The
workmanship on the wiring harness is excellent.  Unfortunately, I cannot say
the same about the coils the 034 supplied me with which began to fail one by
one over a few months.  Replacement coils sourced from either a VW dealer or
local import parts place have held up fine.

034 stopped supplying coils shortly after I bought my kit because of other
people having failures.  However, they were unwilling to refund the $100
additional I had paid for the coils, suggesting that perhaps my TAP Stage I
chip was running an extended dwell and overheating the coils.  Given that
have I driven well over a year w/o failure of the replacement coils, I think
I can safely say the problem was a bad batch of coils from 034.  Guess I
need to give them another call and give them one more chance to set things

'95 S6

P.S. So George, buy the wiring harness from 034, but tell them to refund me
$100 for the bad batch of coils they sold me in September or October 2006!

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