[s-cars] Rear wiper, Brake light blowing fuses.....

Ian Duff iduff at comcast.net
Sat Feb 21 18:27:51 PST 2009

 From memory, it's on the left (driver's) side. You'll need to pull  
the rubber weather seal from the back edge of the roof, and the trim  
down the side of the rear window, to expose the wires on both sides of  
the accordion boot at the hinge. You'll only need to pop the accordion  
boot at the ends, to pull new wires thru, you won't need to split or  
slice it. It's not all that hard, and all the electrical stuff in the  
hatch will thank you.
-Ian Duff.
On 21 Feb, 2009, at 00:59, Jim Fleischer wrote:

> Okay, I know it couldn't be that simple.  A couple weeks ago I had  
> issues with my rear wiper, replaced the 15 amp fuse with the proper  
> 20 amp, and all was well for a few days.  Then it quit again, then  
> my brake lights went out.  Both fuses burnt.  Tail lights and  
> blinkers are still fine.  So.....I guess I need to get at the wires  
> in the avant door hinge:  Questions are....
> 1.  Which side would have both the rear wiper and brake light wires.
> 2.  What is the best/easiest way to get behind the rubber tube  
> surrounding the wires?  Will I need to cut it open, then tape it up  
> after I'm through?
> 3.  Could something else besides the hinge wires be causing this?
> As always, much appreciated!
> Jim
> '95 s6 avant w/75K
> '83 ur
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