[s-cars] Fall Entertainment

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Wed Oct 6 07:47:59 PDT 2010


Only one spare bedroom and a couple of fairly comfortable foam pads 
in the basement plus lots of extra space there as well.  Bring 
bedding and maybe your own mattress.  No chipping but we have some 
really dandy roads for the quattro set and some pretty good scenery.

Oh - gimme some notice so the better half won't get any nasty surprises.  ;-)


At 10:04 AM 10/6/2010, Tom Green wrote:

>On Wednesday October 6, 2010, at 9:07 AM,  Robert Myers 
><<mailto:bob at chips-ur-s.com>bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
>>Hey Y'all,
>>A week from this coming Saturday (October 16) you have a chance to
>>watch both falling leaves and falling idiots.   The leaves will be
>>falling from our deciduous forest at just about the peak of our fall
>>color season.  The idiots will be jumping off a perfectly good bridge
>>876 feet above the water below.
>>Our annual Bridge Day features all sorts of activities besides the
>>BASE jumpers.  It draws crowds of up to 250,000 to a town of 2,700
>>residents and is well worth a day trip (overnight trip anyway) to see
>>the fall colors in addition to the jumpers.  This is one of our
>>town's (Fayetteville, WV) annual highlights.
>If you had given us a little more notice and indicated how many 
>spare bedrooms you had to
>offer,  you might turn this into a festive weekend, s-car style.  A 
>backyard barbecue, chip a
>few cars on Sunday,  drive the old highway down to the river, etc.
>Tom '95 S6
>          '95.5 S6 avant
>Knoxville, TN

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