[s-cars] NAC: NC Listers

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Wed Oct 13 18:49:09 PDT 2010


Sorry for the WOB, but last time I was in NC for 'this' I was near-lynched by youseses "down thar" for not mentioning it.

Landing @ GSO Fri for OcTURBOfest (on way home from week @ Disney, don't ask how this is possible as I am as of yet sure mesself).  Call my cell if you want to meet up.  The gang's running VIR Sat, "other" Sat night in and around the area of www.speedwerks.com<http://www.speedwerks.com>, and doing a mountain run Sun (in and around the Dragon area).


Wylie? Jason? Rob? Bueller?

-Paul this, will, as alwayz, be, entirely JNR, K.

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