[s-cars] Trial Balloon - mats w/ logo

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Sat Oct 16 04:06:00 PDT 2010

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Hi Y'all,

I've had a vague idea floating in my empty head (lotsa free space 
dontchaknow) for a while now.

Fact #1:  Lloyds makes (or useta make anyway) carpet material floor 
mats in several colors which will custom fit our Audis.  Decent 
quality stuff but without any logo identification.  Frankly, I'd like 
to replace my old floor mats with new ones but would prefer to have 
the four ring logo on the new mats.  These appear to be totally 
NLA.  Lloyd's custom made mats are made to fit our cars and run ~$125 
or $85 depending on choice of four mat set or two mat set.  See this: 
http://www.autobarn.net/lloydultimats.html#bottom for example.

Fact #2:  There are a number of companies which do custom 
embroidery.  I'm not sure they would be A) willing to work with the 
heavy material of floor mats and B) willing to do the four rings logo 
out of fear of copyright violation even though Audi no longer 
provides the items at all.  I have no idea what custom embroidery 
might cost but I'm sure that there will be a one time setup charge 
plus a per unit embroidery charge.  These costs per unit will almost 
certainly be lower if we have a larger number of items made.  The 
question is how much lower for how many items?

If there might be sufficient interest to commit to purchase the basic 
mats up-front and then ship (drop ship maybe) the mats to the 
embroidery company (whoever that might be) and pay up front for their 
charges then I'd be willing to investigate to determine who might be 
willing to provide such a service and determine a cost per mat set if 
I can find someone.

Question:  What colors would be preferred (black mats with silver 
rings, graphite mats w/ silver, brown mats w/ red or 
whatever)?  There may be some flexibility on the color combinations 
depending on the service provider.

Question:  What size for the embroidered rings would be close to the 
original?  I can't provide any more than a guess at this point but if 
someone might happen to still have an original and can measure them 
that would be helpful.

Question:  Does anyone have a good digital photo of an actual mat w/ 
logo which you could send me?

So:  if you are SERIOUSLY interested let me know fairly quickly so I 
can have some fairly solid numbers to use to discuss with the 
embroidery services.  Armed with numbers I can then do some inquiry 
to see what might be available.  This will almost certainly take a 
while so please be patient with me.  Also please realize that this is 
just a trial balloon which might just burst and end with zero 
actually accomplished.


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