[s-cars] Trial Balloon - mats w/ logo

Darin Nederhoff scarsgo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 07:13:12 PDT 2010

Back when I had my '90 CQ 20V I had Lloyd mats that said quattro on
them. Even had the correct font.

Darin Nederhoff

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On Oct 18, 2010, at 6:32 AM, "Mike Sylvester" <mike at urq20v.com> wrote:

> I was able to get a set with urq20v, but I guess they wouldn't know what
> that is.
> Can Audi copyright a number?  Unless you used their font, I don't they
> could do anything about using quattro.
> Even S6 might be OK.  That is why Intel changed their processor after
> the 486.  They couldn't trademark the number.  AMD was using Intel
> numbering with their processors so Intel went to Pentium etc.
> Mike
> www.urq20v.com
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>> I tried urquattro and '83 urq and Lloyds refused.  My position was, as you
>> stated, that it was the enthusiast community that had coined and continues
>> to use the term, not Audi.
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>> Yep. I suspect it will work out like this - you could get a small shop to do
>> a one-off (or at least maybe 2 or 3 sets) but the minute it gets to a big
>> group buy quantity people will get nervous and the places you'd most like to
>> use for price/quality reasons will not want to touch it. BTDT before when  I
>> had some shirts with a logo made... got a few one-offs for myself, my
>> friends dug them and stole a number of them from me. I went back for more in
>> a small batch quantity and the place suddenly got real real nervous and
>> didn't want to do any anymore.
>> Interested about the "UrQ" thing though, surprised they Audi could prevail
>> on that but maybe they are just being super cautious or maybe Audi added all
>> kinds of "Ur" stuff to their copyrights at some point.  I'd think it
>> wouldn't hold up due to prior usage (aka it was enthusiasts that coined and
>> used the terms widely first?) but whaddoiknow I'm no Perry Mason.
>>> Well, I really like Lloyds mats, but as the reason they
>>> don't/won't do the ring logo, or anything else Audi,
>>> INCLUDING urq or urquattro, which I tried to get, because of
>>> VW/Audi's licensing position, I think it will be hard to find
>>> someone else to do it for a group.
>>> That being said, I'd love a set!
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