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Just a little reminder, AoA has the vintage cars it keeps @ HQ and there's one (youngish) guy that is in charge of overseeing and ensuring their well being. His name escapes me @ present but they did a write-up on the SQ in the Oct issue of Vintage Racecar and it's laying on my desk @ my office. If no one knows it I'll try to grab it and see if i can track him down via my connections @ Audi. 
Maybe he'll be of some help, since our cars are "vintage" now as well.

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Thanks Bob!

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> Karen,
> There has been considerable interest expressed in replacing a number
> of badly worn older Audi floor mats which are simply No Longer
> Available.  Audi doesn't have them in stock.  Lloyd's no longer makes
> them.  As far as I can tell there are none in dealer inventory
> anywhere in the nation.  We drivers of older Audi models have simply
> been abandoned.  My particular model is a '95 S6 but other similar
> vintage Audi models are included in our group.
> It would be a simple matter for Lloyd's or some other manufacturer to
> resume making a number of these floor mats for a limited run provided
> AofA would be willing to grant a limited run license for their
> manufacture.  Can we enlist your aid and the aid of ACNA to request a
> gesture of good will toward a group of abandoned Audi enthusiasts by
> authorizing a limited production of replacement mats?
> Bob
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