[s-cars] UrS4 Instrument Cluster Rattle?

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Sat Oct 23 14:48:18 PDT 2010

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Right, Fred.  I just discovered that the horn button (aka steering 
wheel air bag) on my urS6 has been slowly working its way loose for a 
while.  A brief session with a torx bit solved the rattle problem.


At 05:38 PM 10/23/2010, Fred Munro wrote:
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>That's not a rattle; that's the audible brake pad wear alarm :)
>I've run into something similar in the past, but danged if I 
>remember how I fixed it. While you are driving, try pressing your 
>fingers lightly on the face of the IP to see if the rattle stops. 
>Move across the face to see if you can locate a spot that will quiet 
>it down. That may give you an idea of where to look for the source. 
>That rattle is quite loud, so something is very loose somewhere. 
>Taking out the IP and giving is a few taps and shakes may identify 
>if something internal to the panel is rattling. I had a similar 
>rattle on the S6 that I swore was coming from the IP, but I finally 
>tracked it down to the horn ring assembly in the steering wheel. Ah, 
>blessed silence!
>Fred Munro
>'97 S6
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>My father replaced the instrument cluster illumination on my mothers UrS4
>and ever since then they have had a horrific resonant rattle coming from
>the instrument cluster. Hes taken it out once or twice since then in hopes
>of finding it but so far no such luck. I just came back from test driving
>it as Im in town for my mothers birthday and it is literally bad enough
>that Id trade or sell my car if I couldnt get rid of it. ;-)  (Then
>again, I HATE rattles with a passion.)
>I did take it out and tried to shim the hinge on the bottom of the cluster
>with a little cardboard in order to snug it up a bit but there was no
>change so I think the culprit lies elsewhere.
>YouTube Vid of the rattle in action...
>Darin Nederhoff
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