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A couple things to consider before you fire any more howitzers:

*  Read C498/30/14, specifically section 3.1
*  Agree or disagree with the statement:  
All tire slip (longitudinal or lateral) forces axle slip.
*  Try to figure out in Chocholek's paper how exactly you would change the 
TBR in the drive and coast modes, since clearly that can be done.  
*  Your dissertation on tire slip confuses me.  First and foremost, let's get 
agreement that ANY force that causes the 2 axles to slip is what the torsen 
reacts to.  That is tire slip based on either turning radius (lateral slip) 
or actual traction (longitudinal slip - accel or decel).  The torsen doesn't 
care which it is, it only reacts to driveshaft speed differences caused by 
either phenom.
*  Reverse torque is reverse torque.  How does the torsen know the difference 
between engine braking and engine applied torque in reverse?  I don't think 
it's that smart, so I claim they are exactly the same thing.  You claim they 
are similar.  That implies to me there are differences between them.  What 
are they?
*  Change the rotation of the input at the basket, then look at the 
frictional force arrows applied to the helix gears.  Any change?
*  One comment that all the rags seem consistent on:  How can a torsen center 
car give better turn in characteristics than an open diff car?  

The rest of your post appears unclear to me, I'm not here to insult, I'm here 
to learn.  You claim 4hours of study.  Damn dude, several of us have put that 
time in exponentially over the years.  

I'd appreciate a baseline here.  IMO, we are beyond the operation, and into 
how to develop some sort of matrix as to it's effects on chassis dynamics (my 
personal interest) of U and O at the limit of adhesion.  Given a university 
special, how does cof, cf ratio, turning radius, wheelbase, cog, and Trg 
affect the actual chassis it's installed in.  I say that's a huge project 
given the device.  Once we get to the basket and the shafts, what the device 
does is pretty clear IMO.

Thanks for your posts.

Scott Justusson
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