[torsen] [ADMIN] A couple minor administrative notes ...

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Nov 16 01:25:10 EST 2005

Everyone probably noticed that the server was not responsive yesterday ...
apparently Dan and Brett have resolved whatever the issue was.

I also wanted to note that I'm doing a couple things too which you may
notice ...

I had configured the server to allow list subscribers to view the
subscription list.  I noticed that the lists I am not adminning have this
feature disabled ... so I changed this list to be that way as well.  I don't
know how many folks took advantage of this capability ... so I wanted to
make note of it ...

I also did my regular checking of the addresses that the server has disabled
due to bounces.  If the last bounce was more than 3 months ago I just went
and unsubbed the account.  My apologies if this kicked someone off who had
an active account that I unsubbed ... all that you need to do is to
subscribe again.  If the bounce was less than 3 months ago I re-enabled
delivery ... and then I'll look to see if the account gets disabled again
... at which time I'll fully unsub.

That is all!
Steve B
Audifans deputy listmeister ...

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