[Urq] NLA UrQ Parts?!

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Sunset Imports, aka sunset porches and awnings contact info http://www.sunsetimports.com/hours.htm
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   I just purchased a new rain tray from Sunset Imports in Oregon.  Ask for
  Tim...I don't have the ph #.  about $20 +/-.  There is an A/C and No A/C
  version.  I happen to have a No A/C version also that I'll sell fo rless
  than list.  It was an accidental shipment and I should just return it but
  have been lazy....

  Yeah....kinda funny (sad really) the younger people at the dealers, for the
  most part, don't know what the Urq is..they all say "which quattro...is that
  a 4000 quattro?...5000 quattro?..."

  "No it's _the_ quattro_!"


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  > I went to my Stealership today to get a couple of parts that are
  > apparently NLA. Argh.  On top of it he tried to tell me the coupe
  > quattro never even existed before 90. Sheesh.
  > Anyway Can someone point me in a direction on where to get:
  > 811 805 373  Bracket for Steering column 811 805 261 F  I *THINK* This
  > is the plastic rain tray that goes over the fresh air intake box
  > (correct me if Im wrong)
  > TIA
  > Bob
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