[Urq] Diff. lock switch conversion for '83 Ur Q

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Sat Nov 22 07:19:03 EST 2003


I did the same as you except I followed Ian Atkinsons formula and put the diff lock knob in between the power window switches... there is just enough space to do so.

As for showing when the diff locks engage... I only used to lock the center diff (no winter driving for this one) and I like the Euro cars with ABS that way.  When the diff lock is engaged the ABS shuts off and an ABS warning sign would light up... he, he, he....
Loved it...

Now of course the car has torsen so I am going to duplicate the Audi 90q system.

Martin Pajak

1983 Ur-quattro Winter car
1985 Ur-quattro, Euro, 3B and Torsen.

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From: "Keith Lloyd" <spot.ontheroad at virgin.net>
Date:  Sat, 22 Nov 2003 10:30:57 -0000

>I replaced my diff lock/oil temp/voltmeter panel in my 87 WR urq with the 3
>dial pod from a coupe. I retained the normal vacuum diff lock switch by
>simply rotating it through 90 degrees and having it in the side of the
>centre console just below the under dash panel. If you are careful and take
>your time you can peel back the covering of the centre console to make your
>drill hole and then simply slit the covering to allow the knob to be fitted
>to the switch without making a great hole in the covering. This pays off if
>you ever want to convert it back and don't want a hole to show. The switch
>is fixed to the centre console side using two self taps in the existing
>holes in the switch. The self taps are just longer than the originals that's
>all. If you want  to know whther or not your diff locks are engaged you can
>identify the wires that used to go to the old panel to find which relate to
>which switch (centre or rear) and then have them go to two LEDs which you
>can put where you like. I have then next to the window switches (again, if
>you want to revert back you can easily replace this panel).
>Hope this helps. email me direct if you want to know more.
>All the best
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>Subject: [Urq] Diff. lock switch conversion for '83 Ur Q
>I just swapped Dash, console, etc.  from an '87 4kq into my '83 Ur Q.   I
>need to do something with the Diff. lock, mainly because the origiinal is
>broken.  It may be fixable, but I have some newer diff. switch  and panels.
>I'm looking for suggestiions and diagrams to help implement one from either
>the later 4000 Quattro, or possibly one from a Quantum Syncro.  Fitment is
>one issue, and how to hook them up is another.  Of course, as usual I'm
>trying too use what I have on hand unless there is some compelling reason
>not to.
>One idea I'm toying with is mounting the one from QSW in the ashtray
>location of the console.  Since I have an analog guage pod mounted in the
>connsole, I don't see the 4kq one as the best opption, unless I can take it
>apart or cut it up so it fits inn an appropriate spot.
>Anyway, I'm curious to see what others have done.  Also how do I convert
>fromo the 3 line setup in the '83 Urq, to the later which use 6 lines.
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