[urq] 83 urq fuel problem

Watts kyle at sopris.net
Sun Nov 23 20:09:30 EST 2003

Hello all,
I posted my fuel problem a few weeks ago and had some helpful responses.
My problem still exists however. A brief recap: After about 5 minutes of
running the fuel pump starts to buzz, followed by fuel starvation and a
limp home. I have replaced the fuel pump twice, all filters, warm up
regulator, fuel distributor (sent it in for rebuilding but it was ok, so
they gave a remanufactured one). I have pulled the tank, flushed it,
found no dirt. Fuel lines are clear, the metal lines have been visually
inspected but not replaced. The air meter does not appear to be
sticking, the car starts up great (10 degrees this am) runs great until
it starts to run like crap. What have we missed?  

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