[urq] engine coolant temp sensor q

CARDCONSYS at aol.com CARDCONSYS at aol.com
Tue Nov 25 05:35:11 EST 2003

        Nathan, below is an extract from my list of part numbers that may 
help you. In particular the last one is the coolant sensor below spark plug #1 
that connects to the ECU. It is an NTC(Negative temperature coefficient) device 
so its resistance DECREASES with increasing temperature. When you measure the 
sensor resistance to chassis ground make sure you remove the connection wire 
to the ECU. According to the Bentley book the resistance should be about 2.5K 
cold dropping to 600 ohms when the engine is warm.The dual sensor, which should 
be at the rear of the head, is for the 'idiot' lights only.

       Thermo Vacuum Switch             035-131-851A
    Thermo Time Switch (2 pin brown)        043-906-163A    Part # per The 
Parts Connection
    Cold/Hot Sensor for ‘idiot' lights          056-919-369P    30degC, 
120degC, max 130degC, 12v
    Injector Fan Temperature Switch            035-959-481B 100degC, max 
130degC from our 83Q
    Injector Fan Temperature Switch            034-919-369B 85degC from 200Q 
per Brandon Rogers
    Antenna with Amplifier                     855-035-509  Fuba FTZ-Nr.W372
    Top Radiator Inlet Shroud (Air Guide)       811-121-293
    Right Radiator Inlet Shroud (Air Guide) 857-121-282F

    Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (20 ohms)      035-905-379B    NOT 034 which 
is 400 ohms for 5000T
    Coolant Temperature sensor                  035-919-501 NTC, 1.0K at 
c.70degF(my measurement)
                                                                VDO 12v, 
804/3/6, 125 degC(VDO marking)

       Martin Dapot
       83 'Ur' Q

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