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Jason, Just ATF Dexron II or Mercon, to be safe replace BOTH filters at the bottom of the reservoir first, the paper one and the weird one that looks like sintered wood, best place to buy them? A BumMerW dealer, application, '83 733i. Bill PS why are you posting to so many lists needlessly?
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  What kind of pentosin do i need?


  > Check the Pentosin level.
  > At 06:41 PM 11/25/2003 -0500, you wrote:
  >>This morning was the first morning ive had to scrape frost off the
  >>I let the car warm up for a few minutes, and when i began pulling out
  >>of  my driveway the steering made this nasty noise that sounded like a
  >>dying  whale.  When you turned the wheel you could actually hear and
  >>feel the  fluid being sloshed around.  This continued on for about
  >>another 5 minutes  whenever i moved the wheel, untill i guess the car
  >>was warmed completely up.
  >>Should i just give my car a little more time to warm up on cold days?
  >>Or  is this a problem that should be fixed rather quick?
  >>Either way, what might be the problem?
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