[urq] knock sensor unit on WR engines?

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Wed Nov 26 07:01:28 EST 2003


For proper operation you need a unit that can retard the timing under boost... any normally aspirated unit does not have that capability.
Your best bet unfortunately is to use the timing/ignition unit from a 5kt (MAC11).
I know of couple of folk who have tried to use NA ignition units on turbo but IMO it's not worth it and defeats the safety purpose of the excersise.


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>Hello all, 
>I'm currently trying to implement a knock sensing unit on my WR engine...(cause I plan to make some mods, and I want to keep things safe...).  The cheapest way I can see to do this, it to use the knock sensor and knock sensor unit from the 85-87 4k 4cyls. 
>Could this be done safely, without conflicting with the normal timing operation of WR ignition control unit?
>Any thoughts or advice are always appreciated, :)
>Justin Church 
>84 turbo converted 4kq (WR)  
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