[urq] knock sensor unit on WR engines?

Groupbe at aol.com Groupbe at aol.com
Wed Nov 26 17:50:52 EST 2003


One of the best mods I have made to my WR powered ur quattro is a J&S 
Electronics programmable knock sensor called SafeGuard (www.safeguard.20m.com).

It was a fairly easy install and can be adjusted for sensitivity, point of 
boost retard, and boost retard rate.  Although it took some tweaking to dial it 
in, my car runs 20 pounds of boost on 93 octane, and will easily handle 24 
pounds with race gas.  Yes, this is with CIS, but it is a modified Lehmann unit 
with Mercedes injectors, which provides the proper mixture under high boost.  
As I recall, the system sells for around $500.


Gregg Kellenberger

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