[urq] oxs location

Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Fri Nov 28 11:09:44 EST 2003

> It's located on top of the downpipe, just after the turbo, underneath
the airbox. You have to remove the airbox to get access. It's a real
PITA to remove, usually it is frozen there by heat cycles. I had to use
a 4 foot extension to unwind it, just to figure.

And every now and then, you'll snap one off.

I've begun to wonder whether just a crack and retighten is worthwhile every time you change
the air filter.

I use two hose clips on my OXS sensor socket to stop it opening out.  You _can_ just chop off
the leads and use a deep socket, but you're then kind of commited.

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