[urq] my wreck - and insurance question help!

Mike Fitton rfitton at vt.edu
Tue Aug 24 17:43:08 EDT 2004

Mmm.  Mine was totaled on April 16 of this year.  First they offered me 
just over $2k.  After a few weeks of arguing, I got her up to $4700, 
which was still almost $2k less than I paid for it last August.  By the 
way, I still have yet to receive all of that money.  It's been a real 
nightmare.  I'm wondering if we could set up a non-profit co-op type 
insurance agency just for urQ owners that would pay something more along 
the lines of what the cars are worth to us.  Any thoughts?


BTMeadows at aol.com wrote:

> Damn Andrew...........that really sucks.  I'm sorry about that.   I can only 
> imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach.   
> I know there have been enough threads about "value" to weave a big ass  
> blanket, however, perhaps it would behoove the entire group if we enter into  some 
> solution-focused dialogue concerning the issue of the value of our  cars.  I'm 
> certainly not a financier, however, I would think that  since we (Ur-q 
> owners) possess the product, then don't we have a little leverage  over the value of 
> the product?  Perhaps we could form a network of Ur-q  owners who have 
> reputable shops, dealerships, and/or automotive focused  companies who could provide 
> people (us) with letters of appraisal.  I'm  assuming that everyone would be 
> comfortable with covering any cost in doing this  since it will take time to 
> produce letters.  My thought, or hell, my fear  is hearing an insurance 
> adjuster saying "Well, we'll give you $2,500.00 for your  car."  So, we will continue 
> to hear this, or.....we could try to put  our heads together and rectify the 
> situation somehow.  If I presented  5 or 6 letters all appraising my car's 
> value at 15K at the time I took out the  policy, then the insurance company 
> obviously accepted the fact that 15K is what  the car is/was worth.  Just putting 
> it out there.
> Indiana's Audi of America representative is really down to earth so I'll  
> explore this a little with him.  AoA support may be a bit of a lofty goal,  but I 
> don't mind asking for some direction.  Also, I believe a couple of  guys on 
> ACNA's Board of Directors have Ur-qs so if they have any input that  would be 
> helpful I would welcome it.
> Benjamin Meadows
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