[urq] I don't have a heat shield for my starter motor - (035 911049 - cover plate?)

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Fri May 7 01:02:40 EDT 2004

build your own http://www.aircraftspruce.com/ntoc.php?sec=ap&cat=baffling  order their catalogue ahh, why not, Jim would not mind, he would want to share stuff like the best heat shield source so <snip> and the absolutely ultimate heat shield stuff and the products to buy...Jim my camera and 'putor are suddenly having issues getting along, i have the photos saved in the Fuji and will send them soonest check out http://www.aircraftspruce.com/ntoc.php?sec=ap&cat=baffling I bought two feet of Fiberfax P/N 970J to play with it I put it on the stove burner set on high after the burner glowed red set the blanket on it for two minutes and was able to touch it, barely warm! the other stuff I bought was the firewall 2000 ceramic blanket much easier to work with. P/N FW2000 it can bend without cracking. you can order their catalogue www.aircraftspruce.com  Best as Always, Bill  and their tele thing is 1 877-477-7823 and from personal experience, the staff there cares.
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  Subject: [urq] I don't have a heat shield for my starter motor - (035 911049 - cover plate?) 

  In the ETKA I saw  035 911 049 - cover plate   and 035 911 295a  heat insulation
  In the Starter section.
  Did the car come from the factory with a heat sheild for the starter?
  thanks - steve murray

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