[urq] Heatshield Installation Instructions For Intake Manifol d and Air Filter Housing, total URQ Content

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon May 17 13:34:05 EDT 2004

... thanks for the detailed procedure WCB!  

Funny, I'm getting a bit motivated to work on cars now that the Fox is gone
... Tom, I actually cleaned out the garage a bit after you left ... sorry I
did not do so before you got here!  I decided to do the cleaning so that I
could roll the trash/recycling bins out through the garage again!  Anyway,
while cleaning up I found my reworked WX head ... and I realized that it
shouldn't take that much work to install it and get the engine running
properly again.  I've thought about getting the EM and downpipe ceramic
coated to get the temps down ... but your method might do the trick for le$$

Steve B
San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
> Yes with pictures, the material used was part number FW2000 
> from www.aircraftspruce.com their phone thing is 
> 1-877-477-7823 we did play with PN 970J and found it brittle, 
> would fall apart when bent. We have done two cars so far an 
> '86 4000 csq MC turbo and an '83 URQ and the reduction of 
> heat on the intake manifold is about 60F using a Raytech on a 
> black spot (raytech will not give an accurate reading on a 
> shiny surface) and using an Andial intercooler temp guage the 
> intercooler inlet temp is reduced by over ten degrees. well 
> worth the time( an hour or so) to install. be sure to face 
> the stainless steel side to the heat source and the aluminum 
> to the cool side. and wear gloves, or the stainless steel 
> will give you some really not cool cuts, and before I forget, 
> check out the pictures 
> http://home1.gte.net/~res0nyil/heatshield/ > Best To All, Bill 
> PS if you have questions, feel free to ask

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