[urq] PO put in 100/80 watt bulbs and switch 8amp fuse for 16amp (can i just go to DOT lights?)

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Mon May 17 21:35:05 EDT 2004

Left headlamp stopped working so I figured let me
quickly get an old fashion seal beam (H4656) incase I
can't find the 65w halogen bulbs I had from my VW
Rabbit days (1979).  

Can I just plug in the H4656 instead of the pitted H4.
 I did try this and it didn't work - but then I found
the 16amp fuse #1 was blown.  Owners manual says low
beams just get a 8amp fuse.

By contrast it looks like the H1's have some kind of
wire adapter to go from DOT high beams to H1 

So I'm hoping to get the correct 8amp fuses and just
swap in some halogen sealed beams.  My priority is -
no fires.

Actually the wiring for the low beam does look like it
was modified - there is a small white plastic cylinder
with ends which wires pass into.  These ends screw
into a center section which is filled with a metal
rodwith conical ends that the end wires are compressed
into.  A connector of sorts.  


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