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Fri May 21 15:49:24 EDT 2004

HEllo Andrew:

Having just changed all four springs last weekend, I feel I can comment..!

You have to undo the lower balljoint, tie rod end, and CV Joint Nut, and nut
up top of the fender.

1) Remember to 'break' the big (~30mm) CV joint (axle) nuts while the car is
still on the ground. It may take a lot to get them loose!  ( Broke a 1/2
breaker bar, no problem!)

I'd suggest some penetrating oil on these nuts a few days in advance!

Check CV joint boots, as now is a good time to change them if they need it. 

2) You may find it helps to undo the sway bar end, to get the suspension A
arm down a bit easier. A big pry bar may help here.

3) Tie rod ends are fun, and don't forget to hang the caliper somewhere safe,
out of the way.

4) Strut top nut is WAY easier to get off and on  if you have an impact
wrench. Otherwise you may have to figure a way to keep the strut insert from
turning, while undoing the nut. (My struts required a 7mm Allen Key)

5) You need a spring compressor. (But only once you get the strut out of the

6) As mentioned, the funny collar that finally holds the bearing and spring
pearch can be 'interesting' get off, without the correct tool. If you don't
have the tool, circlip pliers, and small visegrips may work.

I had the fortune of my strut top rubber part spotwelds undo, so the bearing
was left on the strunt, but the bigger rubber part (complete with the blue
metal) came off. If you are not going to use the strut top agin, you could
break that part off, and get much easier access to the collar.

As the Haynes Manuals say, "Assembly is the reverse of DIssassembly".

MAke sure that when putting on the top nut, that the strut insert doesn't
turn, and undo the collar that holds the bearing as you tighten the nut.
You'll get interesting 'clunking' noises, once you get everthing together


-Frank de Kat-

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> To change my strut bearings on the front, what all do
> I have to take off - just to prepare myself?  Tie rod?
> Suspension? Axle?  Do I need a spring compressor?
> Andrew

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