[urq] Calling all SGI Sport Quattro Replica Hood Owners

Bob D bob at audisport.com
Sun May 23 21:11:29 EDT 2004

No... mine seems to fit perfectly. The only issues at all I had with 
mine were the hood latches. The OE ones werent long enough to catch, I 
had to extend them. Otherwise the hood fits and sits perfectly.


Andrew Finney wrote:

>This is a question to anyone who has a sport quattro
>replica hood for their UrQ manufactured by SGI......
>Do the 4 studs, (two on each side of the hood) that
>bolt onto the hood supports seem awfully high up to
>anyone? I've been prepping the hood I've had for a
>while and it seems that the two studs and plate that
>are built into each side of the hood are located very
>high up on the hood, vertically, meaning that IF you
>could get the hood support on at all (which I doubt),
>the hood would sit far too low and would drop below
>the top of the fenders. Can anyone confirm theirs is
>the same or different. Need to compare it to a regular
>UrQ or 4000 hood to see the difference. Thanks.
>Andrew Finney
>1983 and 1984 UrQs.
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