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Fri May 28 00:33:23 EDT 2004

who decides how many refineries are sufficient for US production? why do we in the US not have enough refinery facilities? the oil refiners! If you think fuel costs are not a good subject for the urq list, what does your URQ run on? tap water? Bill
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          It would seem that this forum is really not one to discuss politics 
  and fuel prices, but the author of this particular piece is misguided and 
  uninformed by railing against the oil companies and struck a particular nerve. 
  There are three main components of fuel prices: cost of production, supply and 
  demand, and taxes. The main price component in the UK is tax and it is the 
  politicians that govern it not the supply chain. Pump price in the UK is around 80p 
  per litre. At 3.8 litres per US gallon and an exchange rate of $1.80 to the 
  pound that works out at $5.47 per US gallon! In the US we currently pay $2.00 
  and that includes a relatively small component of Federal and State tax. The oil 
  companies run a business that like any other is subject to supply and demand 
  variations, at both ends, and while not perfect in other regards they do not 
  control the tax component. How about increasing production, reducing 
  consumption, and decreasing the tax? By the way, considering all the production steps it 
  goes through fuel is far cheaper per gallon than, say, Perrier which is just 
  pumped from the ground, through filters, and into a bottle!
         Martin Dapot

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