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> Early build 83's I was wondering what relays go to what in the glove box.
> Coming home from Carlise the Urq preformed execptionally. After seven hours
> of striaght driving from VA to MA I stopped to get a coffee at a D&D a mile
> up the street from my house. I shut the car down go in, get coffee and then
> start the car up. At first the key seemed stuck then it fired right up. I
> noticed the temp idiot light is blinking off and on at the same time there
> is a "click" coming from the glove box.

> Also no longer have windows, wipers
> and my headlight problem is back: city lights all the time and highbeams
> only engage when you pull back for passing lights, they will not stay on
> high beam. As I pull the highbeam lever back the blinking temp light goes
> out. I pulled the "clicking" relay out and the blinking overheat light goes
> away. Curious on what relays are in the glovebox? What are they from Left
> to right? Looks like there are three of them. I talked to my mech and said
> it might be the lo ck-out, which could explain the sticky key issue. 

IF your problem were on a 4kq, i'd say it's something to do with the X relay
(The load reduction relay, that shuts down everything 'non essential' when
starting). But I'm not sure that the urq has that relay???

Light may work when you 'flash', because that bypasses the X relay, and under
certain conditions, can actually 'backfeed' power to the ignition ciruit.

(That condition is that you headlight switch is on, and the high/low beam is
'clicked' on the high beam position.

To set to that condition: 
Have the headlight swith on, with  highbeams on, then shut off the ignition. 
Leave something on when you turn off the car, (like the heater fan), so you
can tell if  the ignition comes on. 

With the ignition off, pull the dip switch enough that the 'highbeam flash'
comes on. When it does, the ignition circuit will also go live!

(THat's a reason that the highbeam flash switch contacts can go bad, as they
can inadverdantly   be switching all of the igniton load)

Aren't Audi electrics fun?

(Maybe not, but more fun than toasted rod bearings! Want to trade problems
Michael?   :-)


=Frank de Kat=

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