[urq] Brake Compound

Bruce Bell bbell at surview.com
Fri Jun 3 12:58:06 EDT 2005

For the street, I agree, the HPS is the way to go. On my UrS6 with the 996
non turbo monoblocks I find very little dust and no appreciable noise. I had
the HP+ pads on during the ACNA event at Second Creek last month and while
they had considerably more stopping power and modulated well on the track,
they made miss piggy squeal at irritatingly high decibels on the street. I
changed back to the HPS real quick. 


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From: Andrew Finney [mailto:afinn1 at gmail.com] 
I ordered the HPS. I definitely don't want the Blues on this car
that may never see the track. Thanks again.


On 6/2/05, n-engelbert at terrans.net <n-engelbert at terrans.net> wrote:
> Martin et al,
> To my knowledge the Hawk Blue pad is a track only pad.  The progression
> goes something like HPS, HP+, Blue, Black, HT9, HT10.  The HP+ is a good
> autox pad and weekend track event pad if you've got decent cooling to the
> brakes, it gets a little noisy, though, when run on the street for a
> while.  I have also run the blue on the track, good track pad, from the
> little track experience I have, but still faded late into sessions going
> into 5 at Road America.
> The proper street hawk pad should be HPS, which I don't have any
> experience with.

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