[urq] Bi Moto anyone

Mike Bond mike at crunkenergydrink.com
Tue Jun 14 12:59:43 EDT 2005

Absolutely TT 2.7 times 2 would be the ultimate... Actually twin RS6 motors
would be the absolute!

I was leaning towards the earlier V6 because they were FWD and relatively
inexpensive, maybe project total less than $10k.  I always liked that
squared body style and the V6 has good grunt.

I am pretty serious about the project, I've been just trying to come up with
the right chassis, motor, car(s) to do it with...

I was also comtemplating the idea of having one stick and one auto.  The
stick would operate normally and auto, once in drive, the gas pedal would
now be trigger controlled on the steering wheel or stick.  Anyways, fun
dreaming, if I take this on I'm going to go stick all the way.

The 90 has a hydraulic clutch?  Would one clutch master cylinder run 2

I'm pretty sure the shift linkage is mechanical, so it would be a matter of
routing it to the main lever.

Cooling... Maybe a rear radiator with side vents/scoops for drawing in air.


Mike Bond

1983 UrQ WX
2002 Audi A4 1.8T
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On 6/13/05 10:54 PM, "Bill Bennett" <ur.quattro at verizon.net> wrote:

> are you serious? I would be in for labor, you know where I live, and know I
> could do the technical part, gueeze, that could be THE Crunk Car, it would
> kick ass, You would just need a body and frame guy to place the mounts.
> though I would prefer drive by wire and two 2.7 TT's more power and easier
> to work with than control cables to throttle bodies. your idea sounds tits.
> Regards, Bill
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>> Anyone tackle a twin motor Audi ... One front one rear?  Besides the MTM
>> TT.
>> What if you had say (2) 1993 90CS 2WD 5spd with V6.  Gutted the rear end
>> of
>> one, removed the front clip from the second and combined.  Obviously there
>> would be a gear, throttle, brake mechanicals to sort out,  but possible,
>> right?
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>> Mike Bond
>> 1983 UrQ WX
>> 2002 Audi A4 1.8T
>> 2002 GMC Yukon
>> 2004 Mitsu Evo RS
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