[urq] Sad pics

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Tue Jun 14 20:09:36 EDT 2005

I visited the website and guess what: I was the 100.000.000 visitor and won 
a 2100 USD travelers check for a 15-days trip to some Florida investors 
resort. Stunned and curious I was, I actually called the number on screen 
and gave them the reference code, but the catch was (of course) I had to pay 
30% in advance.When I was in Florida I had to visit them and they would pay 
the other 70%.

Yeah, right.
Of course I knew then I had to hang up the phone, but still wondering if you 
all had the same "YOU HAVE WON" flashing popup window or did I really won 
someting and passed?


1986 GV (Swiss WR)
1985 CGT KV
1982 GL DD

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check this out for some high priced carnage



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