[urq] Presence at Indy

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IMO, yes Michelin was _partly_ to blame.  I think IMS screwed up by messing 
with the track surface, Michelin screwed up by not coming prepared - and 
FIA, the team owners, etc screwed up by not working something out.  It's 
absolutely ridiculous that these so-called business men could not figure out 
a solution.  IMO that's the real "crime" here - they couldn't figure out a 
way to make it happen.  Too much ego and CYA.  I agree it would not have 
been fair to penalize those teams who had the proper equipment.  Not that it 
matters but I think they should have put in the chicane and guaranteed the 
first 6 points positions to the 3 teams who were prepared and the other 7 
teams would fight for pride or the last 2 points positions.  I don't like 
NASCAR - but $10 says if for some reason they ever got in bind like this 
they would have figured out a way to race- they actually value the fans and 
putting on a show - they realize they are entertainment above all.  In 
essence F1 just gave the fans the finger.


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>       I was also there, from Virginia, but due to lack of preparation time
> on my part and the 600 mile drive did not bring my UrQ. Did go over to the
> corral on a couple of occasions on Saturday but met just one local TT 
> owner. The
> cars were all mixed up by make and although wandering up and down through 
> the
> complete corral did not see much in the way of older Audis. Seems there 
> was
> better representation last year.
>       If you go to the FIA site, fia.com, there is the text of Moseley's
> press conference. Must say I agree with him that it is Michelin's fault 
> entirely
> and they are now trying to hide behind the safety issue. Think there could
> have been some way a race could have been put on though with some tactful
> diplomacy.
>       Talking of tactful diplomacy did anyone else read about Ecclestone's
> remarks regarding 'women dressed in white' and Danica Patrick?
>       Martin Dapot.
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