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Fri Jun 24 05:35:05 EDT 2005

I agree with you that I must be possible to make it cheaper in US.
I have a good prices on parts from KER in Germany ( 
but i suppose the shipping will kill.

At the same time I want to tell you about the "Carbon Fibre" hoods at eBay.
An RS4 owner here in Sweden got one imported. (don't know if it was on eBay)

You can see what's happen here:

And after the "crash", he found out that it was made of Glass Fibre, 
with a thin layer of Carbon on top.
But he was not injuried.. The most important part of it...

Best regards
Magnus Bondesson
Audi Urquattro 20V 1990
Project SportQuattro 85'
bond at

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*Wow, not really ready or willing to press charges just yet......shit 
happens.  However, I would think that David would be willing to pass along
unused dollars and tooling to whomever takes this over so we can stay  on
with the original projected final cost.*

I was trying to be as casual about the time frame as anyone, personally, I 
didnt have the money for a hood when this was all taking place.  This means
even sending that $150 deposit put me in a bind at the time.  That time will

shortly be 2 years ago!!!!

There are many people that have complained that Dave has not returned their 
e-mails.  I had better luck and have corresponded with him a few times.
time just seems to be another excuse whether it be family or financial.  I
know what to believe anymore, one time he told me that he was turning it
to someone else, but I just read my saved e-mails from him and he recently 
stated in March 2005 that he was "really close" to having another hood done.

Ben, you stated it so simply and I absolutely agree " I just want a hood"  
Hell, I want TWO.  I live in the daggum desert and need a vented hood for
than just the looks.

*but it's not secret that the SQ replica hoods for urq/4k/CGT's are
than the real SQ hood.  I suspect (not quite recall) that it was even 
mentioned in the urq list discussions when the deal was first formed. *

Yes this is also true.  It was a topic of discussion prior to starting the 
group buy, which is why it was hard to accept this as an excuse at the time,
I did accept it and not dig any deeper.

* Marc Swanson's sweet 4ktq comes to mind.  I always had a hard time 
accepting that the total cost is way over a grand to get the hood fit it*

Marc's hood is an SGI hood from europe, commercially available...  It does 
not fit the contour of the front end of the car.  Its flatter so when you
at it from the front is looks like some big fatty jumped right on the center
it.  Andrew Finney had one of these for sale not too long ago for in excess 
of $700 if my memory serves me.  I wanted a hood SO bad, but to spend $700+
then the amount of shop time to get it to fit and painted...  Its not with 
$1500 for a single piece of bodywork.

As far as Todd Candey.  Hmmm.  Should I or shouldn' I....  Lets just say
he shouldn't be an option based on his history with various Audi

I find it hard to believe that we cant find a reliable person/shop to do
hood.  Look at ebay for the love of all thats holy.  Granted, volume is on 
their side, but to be able to get a carbon hood for a TT or an A4 for $199 ?
should be able to get 'glass for 250% of that in short runs.

Even if someone stepped up and bought 3-4 of them just to offer at a later 
date - they'd sell.  In fact with the popularity of the 4000 these days,
guys would dwarf our order for sport hoods...

Anyone else have some ideas? _______________________________________________
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