[urq] MAC-02 pin-outs, early vs. late, Bentley vs. IST

alexander stickler a_stickler at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 8 09:42:13 EST 2005

I prepared a spreadsheet that shows the pin-outs of
the early MAC-02 (P/N ends in B) vs the late MAC-02
(P/N ends in F).

Since the list does not accept attachments, I
have sent a copy of an Excel sheet to Martin who,
perhaps, will post this on his site.  I have included
the pin-outs according to Bentley for the '84 diagram,
the 85-86 diagram, and the IST schematic (p. 31).

If anyone wants the file e-mailed directly, send me a
note offlist.

Differences are few:

Bentley 84 matches IST, except that pin 8 goes to a
'RESIST WIRE' in Bentley, rather than directly to the
frequency valve.  Not exactly sure what to make of
this difference.  


Bentley 85-85 vs. IST/84 Bentley is very similar,
except that (1) pins 5 and 6 are swapped. 

(2) Pin 2 in the later design appears to be blank
(actually, it's not shown in the schematic). In the
earlier config, it goes to Term 3 of the ignition
control unit.  To this, Bentley '85-86 shows term 3 on
the ignition control unit to be unused. 

Is this a typo, or does term 3 of the ignition control
unit not get used? 
Is it the same ignition control unit for early and
later cars?  
Can anyone verify on their later car (MAC-02 should be
035 905 383F) if pin 2 goes nowhere?

The reason I am writing all this is because I now have
a later MAC-02 that I am hoping to plug in with just
the pin 5-6 switch on the connector. Any comments are

Alex Stickler
'83 Urq 
Caledon, ON, Canada


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