[urq] Ur Quattro Lock Cylinder Re-Keying Questions

urq urq at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 20 11:57:34 EDT 2006

... not a lot of BTDT on the ignition & doors on an urq, but it is something 
that needs to be done on V8s due to a design problem in the unlock mechanism 
... I suspect the urq door handle might be similar in some respects ... I'd 
recommend that you remove the door handle and look for a clip on the inside 
that releases the cylinder.  Once the cylinder is out it is a fairly simple 
matter to transfer or change the fingers.

I do have BTDT on the gas cap ... and perhaps there is a way to remove the 
cylinder without destroying the old cap ... but that's what I had to do.  If 
you're talking about re-keying, I'd recommend that you just buy a new cap 
without the lock cylinder installed.

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> Does anyone know how you remove the actual lock cylinder from the lock
> cylinder assembly so you can re-key it. I'm not talking about drilling the
> hole in the steering column housing and popping the pin, I'm talking about
> disassembling the unit that comes out of the housing when you pop the pin.
> Also, does anyone have ANY clue how to remove the lock cylinder from the 
> gas
> cap? That seems like a serious mystery to me. Thanks in advance.

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