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With steam coming from the driver side and 20 years on the car, I would
suspect the radiator. If you can't find any residue (some coolant leave
obvious residue, some don't) there is an untraviolet sensitive additive you
can add to the coolant. Drive with it for a while (until you see steam
coming out) then track the leak with an ultraviolet light. BTW the same
additive can be used for oil and gaz leak too. I used it to track a coolant
leak after I converted to Ford coolant (much cheaper, much easier to find
and compatible with the pink unobtainium Audi but leaves almost no residue)
and it took 5 min. to find the leak.


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The car never overheats

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> > I have a 1986 Audi Quattro, type 44, every 3 months/2,000 km. I have
> > to fill in about 500 ml. of antifreeze into reservoir, the red
> > warning light with thermometer symbol blinks and makes a noise at
> > first, then just blinks and disappears.
> I thought the red light was a high temp warning?  And low coolant is
> just an amber warning?
> > When the car is idling I
> > notice some steam rising from front left of car. Notice nothing
> > conspicuous under hood. The car performs well.
> Wherever that coolant is coming out, even if only as steam, there should
> be some crusty antifreeze residue, greenish, whitish or bluish probably.
>   It might be hard to find, of course, if it is in a place hidden by
> some other component.
> One thing to keep in mind with cooling systems, when you replace one
> leaking part, the new higher internal pressure will often take out the
> next weakest link (everything being the same age).  You could find
> yourself doing the radiator, expansion tank, hoses, heater core, etc.
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