[urq] urq 944T IC FS

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Dec 28 12:17:17 EST 2006

I finally gave up on the 944 Turbo IC with alternator mounted under the
a/c.  I'm going to pursue another route so am selling this intercooler.
I am using an RR pressure pipe and this 944 T IC _bolts_right_in_,
literally. Stock RR turbo>>IC hose, stock Mich man hose from IC>> RR
Pressure pipe.  3B pressure pipe is shorter.  Of course alternator needs
to move over.  
The IC clearly flows _much_ better than the stock one.  I didn't realize
how big the difference was until I went back to stock.  When boost hits
with this IC vs stock, there is definitely more snap and it pulls harder
through the rev range.  I do miss the power now that I'm back to stock.
IF you don't have a/c a bigger IC is a no-brainer.  With a/c...well you
saw my issues.....I thought hard for a few days about ditching a/c and
keeping the big IC...but in the end that did not fit my goals for the
Anyway it wasn't cheap or easy to have made.  My price is $700 plus
shipping. 2B wants $795 - who knows when they have them in stock - and
theirs hangs, IIRC, about a good inch+ lower than the valence.
Let me know - I have pics I can send - or feel free to call me
720-373-4043 or email with questions
This was installed on my urq w/ 3B but I'd bet it would work on a 10V
'84 urquattro 20Vt

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