[urq] anyone have a fuel guage?

Michael S. Williams oorqueue at gmx.net
Fri Oct 6 02:52:44 EDT 2006

does anyone have a fuel guage for the urq that i could have/buy? mine broke a while ago, and since the odo doesnt always work that reliably, it's tough to figure out when to fill up w/ gas.  it would be great to know how much i got again...

thanks everyone!

and yeah, i finally have my car back and on the road (after 6 years!), im sorting out a bunch of little bugs, so im holding off on my report on my 034 efi conversion w/ garrett gt2871 turbo, 3" downpipe, tubular headers, 15-16lbs of boost (for now - till i get a bypass/blowoff valve and something better than the stock intercooler), short shift kit, wideband a/f guage/sensor that i think feeds in to the ecu for better a/f ratio control), etc etc...

so, keep tuned... cause that's what im up to...

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