[urq] Audi A4 bumpers are well rated

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Fri Aug 17 09:42:02 EDT 2007

You are partially right, LL...

Size, like mass and design, is also an advantage if you have
a crash. Bigger means more crumple zones, more time to
decelerate, and more space between you and the front of the

Look here folks, to scare you to death from the
smaller/cheaper cars...
http://www.iihs.org/brochures/ictl/ictl.html and choose the
4-door category. 

Want an SRT-4, anyone ? I'd rather ride a Buick, for safety


-----Message d'origine-----

Of course, Physics tells us, no matter what, in a vehicle
vs. vehicle
accident, mass wins, the greater the mass, the lower the
accelerations, therefore the
lower the force on the passengers. Single car crashes favor
the better
designed cars, 


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