[urq] 80's Audi were Below average in NHTSA crash test . Audi A4 bumpers are well rated

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Aug 17 20:48:34 EDT 2007

> On Aug 17, 2007, at 5:05 PM, steven j wrote:
> Feel free to correct me on details.

I'll try where I can...

>>I've been looking at the NHTSA crash tests since they
>>came out in about 1979.   The 1985-ish Audi 5000 got a
>>horrible crash rating.

Gee, I'd love to see a link on that.  Considering virtually everything 
that follows is just plain wrong.

>> With the steering rack on the
>>firewall and that 5cyl going to the bumper the
>>steering wheel was pushed back in a crash delivering a
>>punch to the drivers head. 

The steering column has an offset breakaway section.  What you describe 
is imaginary.

>> The 4000's tested at the
>>time were just the 4cyls - and the results weren't as
>>bad as the 5000, probably because the missing cylinder
>>allowed  an extra 5 inches before it started pushing
>>the steering rack back.  One would imagine a 5cyl in
>>the type 85 would be worse than the 5000 crash test.

One could imagine many things, yes.

>>Of course if you have an offset crash - and the engine
>>doesn't get pushed back - the car is probably fine.

>>For around 1989 Audi introduced PRO-CON-TEN in the 100
>>and 200 where cables push the engine forward in a
>>crash and those cars cut driver head injury to low

Actually, the engine/tranny being pushed back activates the cables, 
which then lock up the seat belts (and on some cars, even retractes the 
steering column *forward*).

>>I think when airbags came the pro-con-ten cables might
>>not have been installed, but they were on the 100/200

And the 80/90 from '88 on, among other cars people have noted.

Huw Powell



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