[urq] RE : Home-made Sport Quattro pedal-car project

Andrée-Anne Bourgeois laraa at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 24 18:12:57 EDT 2007

Huw Powell wrote:

>> My first idea was to buy this 80 $CDN lawn cart
>> (http://preview.tinyurl.com/2r85pj)  and modify the length, the rear 
>> axle. The frame is there, the steering knuckles are there, even the 
>> wheels are about the right size. Obviously, my miniSQ will sport 
>> Ronals or Fuchs lookalikes...
>> Or, easier would be to buy this 80 $CDN kid cart
>> (http://preview.tinyurl.com/32kfyd)  and add the SQ body, but all the 
>> fun of creating the mechanicals of a mini-SQ from my hands would be 
>> lost...

>Those tinyurls didn't work for me, but I agree in principle that 
>starting with a frame and some mechanicals would be a good move.  "Your" 
>contribution can be doing a great job of the bodywork, seat, windsheild, 

Huw, you just have to enter a valid Canadian postal code, you can use mine
(it's free ! No kidding !), H2C2L5, and you'll see the carts I am talking
about. In fact, I will probably nonetheless buy the lawn cart
just because the inflated tires and the wheels with bearings are worth more
separately than 80$... 

Even the treads of the tires are similar to the Michelin TB15 found on the
SQ in 1985 (http://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/image/Michelin%20TB15%201.jpg)
Well, not really, but from 15 feet it won't show... and I guess the 3-year
old tire kickers won't see the difference...

I'll see my buddy tomorrow to start the ball rolling. For that, I must print
the paper model to the correct size, which I'll determine when I'll have the
wheels in hand, so the "scale" will be respected, at least visually. Fun
project indeed ! 


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