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Yep, did this mod years ago.  The level sensor is from an early 4000 or 5000 turbo diesel.  You just cut out the plastic covering the opening with a dremel tool (don't let any chips fall inside!) and the sensor screws right in.  Then you take the connecting cable and ground one side of the switch to the screw holding the tank.  The other side connects to the overheat sensor switch circuit going to the instrument cluster.  I think its the Blu/Brn wire on the warmup sensor on the back of the head.  If you also want to install the gauge, replace the sensor on the head with the temp sensor/overheat switch from a T85 4kq or coupe GT.  Install the temp gauge AND REMOVE the blue warmup light because its on the same circuit.  Now you have both engine temperature and coolant level warning.

'83 urquattro #302

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The temp gauge won't tell you if coolant is low - however yes I see you
are saying if your needle goes way high check your level.  I wouldn't
want that to be my warning...

I think I heard that you can drill a hole in the early reservoir to
accept a cap with level sensor - anyone else know more about that?  IIRC
there is a raised cylinder with outer threads -  - so drill the top

'84 (prolly late '83 but ????) and up have a factory coolant level
warning light.  I believe the mounting tabs on the reservoirs are in
totally different locations so early/late reservoirs are not

'84 ur

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What is the updated reservoir? The later like 85-87 CGT?

And how about a coolant Temp guage, that would certainly offer more info
than a light.

I've got one and it always seems to let me know!


And in that I've got my 10v JUST ABOUT TO COME OUT! It probably won't be
overheating for the next few days!


Jack Walker



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When a fellow named Andy unknowningly lost all his coolant, warping his
cyl head  - I think a recommendation was made to upgrade to the newer
resevoir. The point was it has a low coolant indicator which would have
tipped him off.  If this is true - it might be a useful upgrade -
assuming the newer type hose will be available for a while.

Others - does this make sense?  Any BTDT on adding a low coolant dash
light on these older cars?


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> Group,


> My reservoir-to-radiator hose failed.  I tried a replacement silicon

> hose from 034EFI, but it is wrong for the early Urq reservoir bottle.

> I tried to order from the dealer but it appears not to be in stock in

> the US nor in Germany (it might be orderable with an infinite waite

> time...I didn't find out).


> Does anyone know another place to source this hose?


> Thanks,

> Eric


Jack Walker


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