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I am assuming 1. there is room and 2. the flow is not impeded.  The fan would
contribute positively then for slow speed operation by reducing intercooler
heat soak.  


You are correct in that a proper design will place the intercooler up front
and channel force the air through the intercooler.  Not all stock applications
are idel in this respect, and so a fan might help.





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A fan isn't really going to do much for you.  The air flow from a fan is
insignificant compared to natural flow of the car moving.

Having the fan installed will actually impede the natural flow.   A radiator
has a fan for cooling when the car is not moving.


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That doesn't solve my problem with the UrQ, but yes - a fan will help.  

Also, you might consider a water squirt system.  A fan will definitely help
keep the intercooler "cool" when it is located in a place that does not get a
ram air effect up front.


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ok kids here's mr mismatched snow tires and wacky suspension questions
at it again..

so i've been looking into IC solutions for my a4 since it's a crap IC
in a not-so-great location [ahead of the drivers side wheelwell]. so
in the interest of improiving what i have, i've been wondering if
putting a small electric fan behind the ic to pull air thru it
wouldn't make it more efficient?

it works for radiators, right? has anyone ever heard/seen/tried this?
any flow engineers out there have input? always seemed to me like it
might be a really big improvement, of course with nothing but
supposition and inductive reasoning. =)

one one hand, i assume if it worked people would do it. so what i
wonder is, why woudln't it work?


> Yeah - I may have to set her up with the stock IC and have something fabbed
> up. Even the stock unit is rather crammed.  It seems like having two in
> may need to be done or put two cores at an angle, or ????

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