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Air-water option is not a consideration.  This is to be a street/Grand Touring
Quattro with some track time.  Water squirt (outside the intercooler) will
solve heat soak and work fine should I decide to run down a straight ¼ mile
track.  NOS/H2O inj. Is for another discussion, but in consideration.


I am looking for what will fit into the ’83 Ur Quattro – apparently this has
not been done much, as I have not seen any solutions yet except for radical
sport quattro setups and some extreme examples where the bumper/core support
has been completely cut out and reconfigured.


The one you show looks nice Cody, and I have some units that are similar in
dimension.  However, unlike the A4 and model 90s, the core support is not
removeable without cutting and there is no room there.


I may need to do some cut and reconfig. But would like this to be minimal.  It
almost seems that solution may lend itself to 2 short high-flow units run in
series or parallel and located in appropriate places.  If you are familiar
with this car you know that even the smaller stock unit is really crammed in
there making things difficult to access as it is literally squeezed between
the alternator, oil cooler/filter(s) downpipe and turbo.  You don’t even have
room to get your hand between the intake hoses for service and inspection.


I like the idea of extending a unit fore of the wheel – same position/vicinity
as stock, only the unit is longer.  The 944 inlet/outlet are very simlar as
the stock unit which is about 16” long.  The 944 unit is about 22” overall.
The spoiler is good for use in directing the flow ala ram-air.




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Ben.. on the later model cars the intercooler is mounted in front of the wheel
well with louvers in the plastic inner wheel well for airflow. 


I don't know much about the UrQ, or if you have already thought of it but what
about moving the IC away from the "front" of the car. And into a space in
front of the wheel, then make a cold air intake duct to force air to the IC? 


Just a thought...

Scott '90 V8Q x2



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E. Roy Wendell IV wrote:

> Contrary to popular believe, intercoolers act much more like a heat 

> sink than a heat exchanger. They absorb temperature spikes during 

> boost and then shed much of the heat back into the intake air when off 

> boost.


Exactly true. A larger physical size and thick wall ala 951 intercooler does
the street job great. I also agree that a fan most likely won't help much,
other then to help remove extra heat when sitting at a traffic light and to
prevent heat soak (which isn't a major issue with your setup anyway).


> As far as I'm concerned air-to-water is the solution for street and 

> drag intercoolers.



[Another option of course is installing a better intercooler ahead of the
radiator. I'm not too up on who makes what, but I built and installed a 3" 

thick, 30" wide, 12" tall intercooler in the front of an A4 before, retaining
A/C and all. 



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