[urq] How much heat is generated by our engines...just a rough is good...

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How much heat is generated is sort of an open ended question...  fuel consumed, BTU released, etc...
For normal EM purposes, EGT may be a more applicable way to look at it.  EGTs under boost should float around 1250F.  If you're running a screamer, you could hit 1450F.  15psi in a WX, however, and I'd count on the lower figure being more representative.
However... if you're looking for "bang for the buck"... I wouldn't be looking at ceramic coating.  Your money would be better spent elsewhere.
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I'm in the process of wanting to ceramic coat various parts of the exhaust and 
intake sides and wanted to see if anyone had any rough ideas about how much heat 
is generated at max boost on a slightly modded WX.

Im running in theory about 15psi (what was original stock setup, just chipped), 
when done I will be running I hope about the same boost, but with a larger 
intercooler and K24/26 hybrid for better low end boost and more efficient turbo 
over all...

from what I have read, 2000 degree is the max most of the good ceramic coatings 
can handle. 1300 on the low side for silver and shiny coats...and some places 
will not coat the inside of the manifold due to possible flaking?? 

I do not intend to replace the manifold with a header as then I would have to do 
WAY more stuff like EFI etc...but am open to other options...I know there is a 2 
pc manifold but peeps seem to want about $4-500 for them and from reading the 
info on this list...for the small gain, prob not worth it.

Thanks for any help in advance?
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