[urq] FW: Is there anybody out there :)

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Tue Feb 20 09:22:20 EST 2007

Thanks for the offer Rick, but I think I will be okay for 
a little while, good luck with your ad.

cheers, Mike 

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I've done that work. Pulled the diff out of a v8 rear-end and swapped it
into an '87 4kq 3-piece rear-end. It all bolted together with the v8's
flanges with new seals and looks good. But I never swapped it into the
car and turned it at anger. Could be included along with the car if you
want to buy another urq today... ;)


On 2/19/07, Michael Hopton <Michael at siliconoptix.com> wrote:
> Gordon Bennet! There is more bandwidth on the Land Rover Discovery 
> list - although I guess that should hardly be surprising......
> So - I would like to install the torsen from a V8 rear diff into a 
> 4000 quattro multi piece rear diff. It has been done before. Anyone 
> know how easy it is to do? Is this an open up and swap job, or do you 
> have to know about shims, back-lash and plasti gauge?
> I am sure 'er indoors can't wait to smell used rear diff oil wafting 
> up from the basement on these cold Ontario nights.
> Cheers, Mike
> ...apparently I acquired another '83 quattro today and sold one all in

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