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Tue Feb 20 11:06:32 EST 2007

I have the origianl quads on my "new" urq. Does anybody know a supplier of 
HID for the low beams?
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> Excellent point Eric ... so far I have been frustrated in general by the 
> life span I'm getting from the headlight on the Beemer ... and my hand is 
> still healing from what it takes to get the headlight bulb in and out.  I 
> had to do a clutch cable [again] last night ... that was far easier than 
> changing the headlight bulb!  (no scraped knuckles anyway)  I even run on 
> the highs as much as I can, but still the low beam filament pops far 
> sooner than I'd like.  Fortunately the SilverStars are sold in sets of 
> two, so from my POV the price for the set is the same as if I'd bought two 
> of the BeeEmDubyah parts.
> ... on the urq headlamp ... quad light configuration ... There were H1/H4 
> units for that configuration too, so it seems you could go right to the H4 
> HID kit right away with that setup (I've actually got a set of these in 
> the garage ... I think they were from Hella.  Funny, I too have been 
> toying with the idea of going back to the quad setup ...
> Steve B
> San José, CA (USA)

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