[urq] Rich (my car)

MikeDes156 at aol.com MikeDes156 at aol.com
Wed Feb 21 16:32:19 EST 2007

A few weeks ago I posted the problems of how my 83 urq seems to be running  
very rich. I tried (coolant sensor, ECU) a few things but somehow suspect the  
WUR. So I figured I'd get to it when the weather got warmer. Well yesterday a  
coolant hose on my 94 UrS4 split (a 13mm x 130mm piece that is NLA from 
Audi),  so I drove the urq back to work. It started great, and has always started 
great,  but because of the rich running condition it was smoking a bit. Ran 
strong, but  I noticed that my air fuel gauge would go all the way to the leanest 
reading for  about 3-5 seconds when I'd give it throttle, then up to the 
above average rich  reading. (ox sensor?). So I made it to work ok but sometimes 
it sounded as if it  might stall when at a stop, so I was doing the heal/toe on 
the gas pedal. About  a hour or so later when I went to start it, I noticed a 
gas/fuel smell. The car  turned over but wouldn't start, a few times it 
sounded as if the battery was low  but then it would start turning over ok after a 
few tries. Flooded? Vapor lock?  A couple of hour later it started up 
perfectly, as it did again this morning. So  what would make it run so rich that it 
would smoke, and smell of fuel even after  it been sitting for an hour? The last 
thing I did to the car before I had  this problem was replace the thermostat 
and a cracked hose on the WUR. Any  ideas?
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