[urq] restoring the interior?

MswmSwmsW oorqueue at gmx.net
Tue Feb 27 13:48:58 EST 2007

so, the drivers seat in my car is definitely not healthy anymore...  
the outer bolsters, both on the seat bottom and esp on the seat back  
are torn and have chunks of padding missing from them.. also, a few  
of the stitches holding the pieces together are starting to come  
apart,... it's just really showing it's age...

the rear seats are actually in pretty good shape, so i could probably  
get away with just having them professionally cleaned and conditioned  
and stuff...

does anyone know about what i'd be looking at to have the two front  
seats re-done? i'd love to have the padding refreshed and back to  
what they are supposed to look like... i think that a lot of the  
leather pieces that make up the seat are salvageable, and so then it  
would just be a matter of cutting new pieces for those that are just  
too destroyed to refurb...

i have no experience with restoring the interior of a vehicle (and  
i'm going to have to go through this again when i start up on my 81  
porsche 911 targa... gotta figure out how to replace the carpeting,  
and the front seats, repair the door panels, fix the seals along the  
roof, and finally get rid of that crappy stock steering wheel...  im  
psyched about this one, too...

anyway, has anyone done this before on their urq, and how much do  
y'all think that this would run?

thanks in advance!

michael williams

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